At Astir Landscapes, we provide bespoke solutions to improve the “Ecological Quotient” of your commercial, industrial or residential spaces. Our U.S.P. is that we impart integrated solutions based entirely on the principles of nature. Through our professional and scientific approach, we deliver the most ecologically sound and economically viable solutions.


Biodiversity reporting refers to the systematic measurement and disclosure of an organization’s impact on biodiversity and ecosystems. Just as financial reporting provides insights into a company’s economic performance, biodiversity reporting sheds light on its environmental footprint. Know More

Functional Landscaping

Designing and execution of functional landscapes for commercial Industrial and/ or Residential projects. It involves developing a mosaic of thematic gardens that collectively function as one ecosystem.

  • Botanical Garden
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Greenbelt Development
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Nakshatra Garden
  • Rooftop/ Terrace Garden
  • Urban Forest
  • Zodiac Garden

Habitat Restoration

Destruction of habitats is rampant due to our unmindful developmental activities. We help to repair and restore terrestrial as well as aquatic habitat through a scientific approach.

  • Restoration of degraded lands
  • Restoration of Ponds & Lakes
  • Creation of micro habitats
  • Restoration of abandoned quarries

Land Development

We design and develop land parcels as per requirement of the
client. We ensure that the development is aligned to our vision.
We undertake assignments for

  • Afforestation
  • Agro-Forestry
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Food Forests
  • Natural Farming
  • Soil Regeneration

Rainwater Harvesting

Although 70 % of our planet is covered with water, but only less than 1% is available for actual use for us. Sadly, We are polluting this through our activities. Our groundwater is depleting rapidly due to over use. We may soon run out of this source, if not managed.

To help reverse this situation, Astir Landscapes provides an array of solutions which are focused on the restoration of our depleting groundwater sources and increasing the water table. We provide customized solutions as per the requirement. We design and execute Rainwater Harvesting and Recharge Systems which not only fulfill the water requirement of client, but also help to replenish the ground water reserves.

We design and execute;

  • Roof-top Harvesting
  • Surface Flow Harvesting

Design and Execution of Groundwater Recharge Systems

  • Bore well Recharge
  • Open well Recharge
  • Percolation Ponds

Solid Waste Management

In India, Municipal Solid Waste is approximately 40 – 60 % compostable, 30 – 50 % inert and 10 – 30 % recyclable. If, we manage our wastes at the household level then, we can prevent almost 70 – 80% of the waste from reaching the landfills.

Nature does not create waste. In Nature each and everything gets utilized. Our solutions are based on the principles of nature.

We are proficient in designing & execution of solid waste management systems for tackling domestic wastes of societies, office establishments, hotels, resorts as well as agricultural and farm generated solid wastes.

  • Bio-methanation Systems
  • Conventional Composting
  • Mechanical Composting
  • Soil Regeneration

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Designing and execution of conventional and non-conventional
bespoke systems for water & wastewater treatment

Natural (Plant based) for treatment of Domestic wastewater
These systems involve the use of plants for the treatment of
wastewater. These systems are ideal for bungalows, hotels or
resorts and even corporate parks and residential complexes.

U.S.P. of these systems are


  • Flexibility in design
  • Economically affordable
  • Low maintenance &
  • Energy Footprint very low


  • Packaged systems for treating domestic and industrial wastewater


  • Modular systems for flows ranging from 1 KLD – 150 KLD
  • Plug and Play system for convenient operations
Butterfly Garden
Residential Project

We conduct training sessions on
Gardening, Rainwater Harvesting and Solid waste Management for Corporates, Housewives and Students.
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Other Services

  • We also conduct nature trails, forest walks and birding camps
  • We undertake PMC and / or implementation of CSR Projects Pertaining to plantation, rainwater harvesting, Solid Waste management and Water and Wastewater treatment.