Our Mission

To transform degraded lands, farmlands and unmindfully created commercial landscapes & green belts into ecologically functional micro-ecosystems.

Our Vision

To protect local biodiversity by creating network of functional landscapes and contribute in reversal of climate change


Our Services 

Biodiversity Reporting

Our Logo

The logo depicts a micro-ecosystem comprising, a tree, a bird, an earthworm, a honey bee hovering over some flowers, a ladybird beetle and a butterfly. All these organisms are an important part of the intrinsic web of life. Water, which is the elixir of life, is represented in the form of rain drops falling over the tree. Use of little Clover to represent a tree gives Midas touch to the design. The three leaves of the Clover which represent Hope, Faith and Love are the essence of our tagline. Astir Landscapes has been formed with a Hope to create a network of functional landscapes through Reimagining, to Recreate each of the systems with Faith and to Restore degraded ecosystems with Love and passion.
Logo designed by Priya Bhave.